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Affordable Miami Web Design and Development Services

Web Design by Niva priority is to design websites that make money for our clients, enabling you to get more clients or to provide instant information to potential customers. A professional look is important but the first priority is that your new website generates a positive cash return for your company.

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Professional web design and development Company

All websites are special and we quote each of them individually. We offer professional web design and development services building a custom website based on specific necessities, we base our estimates on the complexity of the website structure and time according to information supplied by you.

We take great pride in our design work

Web Design by Niva is a Miami web design and can offer a website design package that is right for you. Options range from a professional single page site to complex multi-page designs, depending on your budget and needs, whether large or small, static or dynamic or full e-commerce, we have your website design solution.

We specialize in creating custom-made websites for businesses, organizations and personal websites. We can design you a website from scratch, implement your own designs or give your existing site a makeover. We work in close consultation with you at all times to make sure that your website is exactly what you want.

There are many good reasons for having your own Website.

  • The primary reason for having a website is that people expect you to have one.

  • Costs in the first year will be significantly less than a few weeks of advertising.

  • If you’re not on the web, peoples can’t find you – but they will find somebody else. Your potential customers are going somewhere else!

  • The web is increasingly the first option in a person’s search for information, services and products and you run a small business or manage an organization requiring a presence on the web to advertise your products or services.

Planning your website structure, purpose, goals, and navigation is the most important step in creating a winning online business.

The most important questions to ask when planning a new website are…

  • Do you want a basic website [such as some text and images with some contact details?

  • Do you want a more complex website with interactive facilities? For example:online purchasing facilities [payment for items by credit card], Blogs, Newsletters, Custom CMS,etc.

  • What is your budget, what do expect for it?

  • Have you seen any web sites or magazines that have given you ideas of layout design?. If not, look carefully at layout or images on the web and in magazines for ideas for your website to look like.

  • Have you seen the portfolio? Does it fit-in with any ideas you might have already

  • How many pages do you want and how will it be structured?

  • What kind of first impression do you want your visitors to have?

  • Will you need a corporate identity?

What Happens Next?

  • Call, Email, or fill out our Website Free Quote form.

  • A customized Quote or Invoice will arrive within 24 hours

  • We will provide a follow-up call to ask a few key questions and establish a clear understanding of what you are looking for.

  • A 50% deposit is required to begin

  • Our Miami web design company begin working on your site design first.

  • You are provided with a username and password to log-in to our restricted client area and follow your link to view your new design.

  • If you are happy with the design, great! If not, we keep working until you are 100% happy.

  • The great thing about dealing with us is the ability to view all work in progress. This comfort allows you to have total control over the site’s appearance and content layout.

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